Blac Youngsta Raps Next to Tomb with Young Dolph’s Name in Music Video – TMZ

Blac Youngsta is either clueless or he’s gonna have a wave of hate coming his way from Young Dolph fans after posing next to a tomb with the late rapper’s name on it in a new music video.

Youngsta — who was a known enemy of Dolph — released the video for his song “Im Assuming” Monday, filmed almost entirely in a cemetery. While it’s very brief, around the 1-minute-mark of the video, you see the last n…….

Music Box Cookie Tin is Truly ‘Note-Able’ – Packaging Digest

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when packaging surprises you in a good way?

My packaging-induced wonder came upon a recent night-time visit to a nearby Aldi’s. As I perused the shelves, there it was: Benton’s “Music Tin with Sugar Cookies”, which captures exactly what it’s about.

It was so unexpected to find such a premium-looking, interactive item at the discount grocer that I was beaming like a kid on Christmas morning. Then I became self-conscious and looked around to see if my fellow shoppers noticed my reaction. If so, they may have thought I’d enjoyed some liquid holiday cheer beforehand.


Bizarrap Reveals His Dream Collaborators for ‘BZRP Music Sessions’ – Billboard

Bizarrap has almost become a myth with his low-profile demeanor. Wearing large, polarized sunglasses and a baseball hat, the Argentine producer prefers to be the behind-the-scenes guy as he lets his collaborators shine in his viral “BZRP Music Sessions” that have featured back-to-back hitmakers ranging from Anuel AA to Nicky Jam and Nicki Nicole.

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Shuffle’s favorite local music of 2021 – WKSU News

Live music returned in 2021 after the pandemic stifled the music industry for more than a year. Some artists spent time reflecting and working on new material during the lockdown, which they released or performed in front of live audiences this year.

There was no shortage of exciting new material released—while some artists embarked upon national tours this year, others embraced digital platforms to spread the word about their new projects.

Amanda Rabinowitz and Brittany Nader each share their favorite local albums and songs of 2021.

Holden Laurence – Floating, Drifting

Cleveland artist Holden Laurence used songwriting …….

Photo gallery: La Jolla Music Society sings in the holidays – La Jolla Light

With treats for all ages, the La Jolla Music Society presented its first “Holiday Sing-Along” at the Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center on Dec. 19.

La Jolla youth services librarian Katia Graham read “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” to an audience mostly of children and led them in interactive songs and poems.

The San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus took to the Wu Tsai QRT.yrd to sing a mix of traditional and newer holiday songs and invite those gathered to sing along.

Cider and holiday treats were provided by Cafe Coyote.

Allison Boles, education and community programming director for the La Jolla Music Society, said she hopes the event will become an annua…….

Say goodbye to 2021: From Champagne toasts to music and food, we have New Year’s suggestions – The Columbus Dispatch

Peter Tonguette and Margaret Quamme
 |  Special to The Columbus Dispatch

New Year’s Eve will be popping at Greater Columbus restaurants, clubs and other venues this year.

Family-friendly activities abound, whether during the day or into the night, and those who would like to dance or just listen to music will have options galore

Restaurants will be celebrating with multi-course meals, special fare and flowing Champagne. (Note: We are listing those that will be offering something other than the regular menu fare. Call ahead to your favorite restaurant to inquire about hours of operation.)

Be sure to check with the …….

The 10 best global albums of 2021 – The Guardian

10. Sarah Haras – Mirage

Bahraini experimental producer Sarah Haras meanders between ambience and aggression on Mirage, warping the distinctive oud melodies of Khaliji folk music within thick waves of distortion and shimmering, abstracted vocal patterns. The result encloses the listener in a trance-like sound bath that almost crosses into dancefloor catharsis.

9. Mdou Moctar – Afrique Victime

The self-taught Tuareg guitarist Mdou Moctar has been compared to Jimi Hendrix thanks to his aptitude for thundering distortion. Yet Afrique Victime sets him and his band squarely in their own lane, building colossal jams to re…….

BeatPlaylist Rebrands to Rhythm Music – GlobeNewswire

Johnsonville, Dec. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rhythm, which is based in Wellington, New Zealand, has announced the rebranding of their BeatPlaylist to Rhythm Music. This is a free desktop music player that is designed to convert YouTube into an easy-to-use music streaming platform. Users of Rhythm Music would be able to search YouTube’s collection of more than 100 million songs and podcasts. It is also possible for users to synchronize their music between their Rhythm and Google accounts to access their music on the YouTube Music app on their mobile device, whether Android or iOS. Minimum system requirements for running the Rhythm Music app are Windows 7 and later. Support for Wind…….

TikTok’s Music Critics Reflect on 2021 – The New York Times

For many, TikTok is a music discovery engine. Snippets of new songs make their way through the app, providing the soundtracks for dances or comedic sketches. Old songs get resurfaced in new contexts. It is a fount for curious and patient listeners.

But there is a different and less central version of music discovery on TikTok: the videos made by the app’s informal gathering of music critics, historians and enthusiasts. Often, the music they’re recommending — which encompasses 1990s indie rock, contemporary vide…….