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Buying gifts for others can be challenging at times, but everyone loves music, right?! It doesn’t matter who your top artist on Spotify is—mine was Justin Bieber, what does that say about me?—or what your most played song of the year was. (Gotta love #WrappedUp each year!) Music has a way of uniting us all, and luckily, it also has a way of making it easier to buy presents. If you know someone who’s particularly obsessed with a good diddy, then any of these gifts will really hit the right note.

11 Best Gifts for Music Lovers

From accessories for vinyl enthusiasts to top-rated speakers and headphones, there is a music-inspired gift for everyone who enjoys blasting their favorite tunes. Keep reading for 11 of the best gifts for music lovers. As always, the prices listed may fluctuate over time.

1. Penna Interiors Now Playing Vinyl Record Stand

We love a home accessory that’s as functional as it is pretty and the Now Playing Vinyl Record Stand checks both boxes.

We first spotted this fantastic gift idea on TikTok, and we agree—it went viral for all the right reasons. With vinyl records experiencing another surge in popularity as of late, this Now Playing Vinyl Record Stand is a standout accessory for those known to spin their LPs all night. It showcases the album cover of the record you’re currently playing, so it’s functional, but it’s also totally aesthetically pleasing as well. Available in either white or black, the stand comes with two-screw hardware for 1, 2, 3 installation so that you can choose to mount it to the wall or set it down on a surface.

Buy at Amazon for $29.98.

2. Orba Handheld Multi-Instrument

Layer drums, bass and lead over one another to craft songs in the palm of your hand with the Orba Handheld Multi-Instrument—no conventional instruments necessary.

Ready, maestro. The Orba Handheld Multi-Instrument isn’t just for music lovers; it’s for music makers. A plethora of instruments all rolled into one tiny bandmate; anyone who’s remotely musically inclined will have a blast playing around with this thing. It allows you to tap, slide and drum with digital sounds, creating music in the palm of your hand—without any traditional instruments! Also outfitted with an integrated looper that lets you layer drums and bass over chords and lead parts, create a song entirely from scratch in just a matter of minutes. One reviewer wrote, “We are just starting to play with the Orba and are happy with its versatility.”

Buy at Uncommon Goods for $100.

3. Marshall Uxbridge Voice with Amazon Alexa Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Uxbridge Voice with Amazon Alexa Bluetooth Speaker is the trifecta of speakers: it has Amazon Alexa assistant compatibility, features excellent quality sound and is cute to boot.


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