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With each passing year, the stakes in K-pop are constantly rising—especially for the best K-pop music videos. A video concept (whether it’s teen crush or neo-futuristic) sets the tone for an artists’ comeback and serves as the driving force behind an album’s lead single. These spectacular eye-candy visuals are arguably just as important as the music itself and are treated as such.

From ethereal set designs and vigorous choreography to intricately designed wardrobes, every detail in these music videos feels intentional. Needless to say, the final product usually pays off in the end. For many K-pop acts, it’s become the norm to rack up millions of views on a single video in 24 hours or less, showing just how passionate and enthusiastic fans are for their faves.

Below, we took a look at the best K-pop music videos from 2021 — the ones whose beauty and impact should surely go down in global music video history.

Taemin, “Advice”

Of course, any conversation on theatrics without the mention of Taemin would be blasphemy. The SHINee superstar consistently serves drama, suspense, allure, and mystique without missing a single beat. After two heart-stopping comebacks last year, Taemin’s “Advice” is nothing short of captivating. Between the beautifully sporadic dance number and the sinful crop top/sports bra combo, no one is safe once he enters the room.


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Jeon Somi, “XOXO”

One thing to note about the anthemic “XOXO”: you mess with Jeon Somi, and she tends to mess back. Truly nothing is more freeing than the “angry ex-girlfriend’s revenge fest” trope as she happily ruins her two-timing boy’s life — well, theoretically, of course. Decked out in Y2K-inspired low-rise jeans, funky belts, and outlandishly stylish fur coats, Somi is the reigning queen of good girl gone mad. We love to see it.


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You’ve met the Avengers of K-pop and the eight Pirate Kings, but how about K-pop’s prettiest Space Warriors, known as EVERGLOW? The sextet debuted as the newest “It Girls” on the block in 2019 and has continued to live up to the status. As opposed to the group’s hyper “girl crush” anthems and bombastic retro earworms, “FIRST” blurs the line between femininity and masculinity. With their most intense choreography to date and outfits built for battle, EVERGLOW leaves everything on the table for all who dare challenge their prowess and excellence.


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Baekhyun, “Bambi”

The running trend among EXO members, ahead of their ongoing military enlistments, has been to either drop one helluva banger or a heartfelt goodbye song/EP for fans. Fortunately, “Genius Idol” Baekhyun got the memo and gifted six R&B-inspired tracks before heading off for duty. “Bambi” is …….


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