Apple’s iOS 15.2 Update Offers New iPhone Features for Kids, Music and Your Digital Afterlife – The Wall Street Journal

Apple released its latest software update, iOS 15.2, on Monday, bringing with it a new Apple Music plan, more safety and privacy tools and other enhancements.

The latest version of iOS 15 lets you set up Legacy Contacts who can access your iCloud account in the event of your demise. It offers a less expensive Apple Music plan that’s voice-only, controlled by Siri. The software includes the launch of the anti-sexting tool that will warn minors in the U.S. before they send or open messages that contain nude photos. There’s also a new App Privacy Report that explains how apps access your phone’s sensitive data.


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Google AI Tool Creates Music from Written Descriptions – VOA Learning English

This week, Google researchers published a paper describing results from an artificial intelligence (AI) tool built to create music.

The tool, called MusicLM, is not the first AI music tool to launch. But the examples Google provides demonstrate musical creative ability based on a limited set of descriptive words.

AI shows how complex computer systems have been trained to behave in human-like ways.

Tools like ChatGPT can quickly produce, or generate, written documents that compare well with the work by humans. ChatGPT and similar systems require powerful computers to operate complex machine-learning models. The San Francisco-based company OpenAI launched ChatGPT late…….


Bringing music to the masses… on a tram – BBC

French pianists, Hervé Billaut and Guillaume Coppola, brought a piano on to a tram in Nantes, as part of the opening of the annual La Folle Journée classical music festival.

They played to passengers all afternoon on Wednesday.

Mr Billaut said that they wanted to bring music to places you don’t expect it: “Perhaps someone, a child, a young person or a pensioner will have a musical shock.”