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Johnsonville, Dec. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rhythm, which is based in Wellington, New Zealand, has announced the rebranding of their BeatPlaylist to Rhythm Music. This is a free desktop music player that is designed to convert YouTube into an easy-to-use music streaming platform. Users of Rhythm Music would be able to search YouTube’s collection of more than 100 million songs and podcasts. It is also possible for users to synchronize their music between their Rhythm and Google accounts to access their music on the YouTube Music app on their mobile device, whether Android or iOS. Minimum system requirements for running the Rhythm Music app are Windows 7 and later. Support for Windows, Linux and macOS are currently in the pipeline.

Rhythm employs an embedded web browser that connects the user to YouTube. Users can use Rhythm Free or they can subscribe to Rhythm Premium. With Rhythm Free, users have full access to the whole YouTube library. Users can create a playlist or they can try using a playlist curated by other members of the community. Users of free accounts can create up to 30 playlists. There is no song skip limitations and users can try Rhythm Premium for free for one month after sign-up. Rhythm Free also allows users to keep abreast of developments regarding their favorite artists and their latest releases. Users are also able to separate their own music from their YouTube account. And adverts will be automatically skipped after five seconds.

Beat Playlist Premium, which is now Rhythm Premium, offers unlimited access to users. Users are able to stream music and music videos free of ads. Premium users are able to create up to 100 playlists and there are no restrictions on the number of songs that can be included in a playlist. Users can also Premium tag their profile. Profile pictures of Premium users have a blue glow while that of free users have a white glow. Premium users are also able to edit music metadata and they have early access and are able to test new features.

Meanwhile, Rhythm has cryptocurrency features. As such, $RHYTHM will be integrated into Rhythm as the currency of the platform. This will power their premium service, NFT albums, playlists, pins, and singles, and they also be offering wallet perks, including free premium to Gold Tier wallet holders. They will also be launching the tool during the fourth quarter of 2021 under the Rhythm Ecosystem that can be used to rank generative art and collectible NFTs by rarity.

Their NFT projects, including Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Mekaverse, and Ape Gang will be trackable projects on launch day. Owners of NFT projects can create a profile for their collection where they are able to post updates to users who are interested in their collection. They will also have a broad range of advertising options and launchpads for new collections.

The Underground Bat Society, which is still under development, will be the first NFT collection under the Rhythm ecosystem. Users of Rhythm Music will be able to use their Bats as a verified NFT profile picture and this will …….


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