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If we’re going to have to face another bout of pandemic uncertainty, then, hey: We at least deserve some good tunes.

This week, our culture writer Spencer Kornhaber summarized the year in music, picking his top 10 albums. I asked Spencer to tell me which of those three would be particularly good for staving off plague anxiety. Find his choices below, along with his thoughts.

Add the following albums to your queue and blast them when everything feels like too much.

1. Allison Russell, Outside Child

Sun rays spill out in rousing choruses about endurance and grace. Particularly when she slips into the French of her native Montreal, her steely-smooth voice makes the same case as her lyrics: “I’m stronger than eggshells / I’m tougher than luck.”

Listen on Spotify or YouTube.

2. Lorde, Solar Power

How rude for fans to start mocking the onetime coolest-girl-on-Earth the second she started making relaxed beach music. How predictable of me, a longtime Lorde skeptic, to finally get into her when she did.

Listen on Spotify or YouTube.

3. Underscores, Fishmonger

With glitchy productions and unpredictable song structures anchored by tidy hooks and an emo heart, Underscores nails the same trick that Violent Femmes, Blink-182, and 100 Gecs did: creating songs that first seem like a joke, but that don’t get old.

Listen on Spotify or YouTube.

For more fresh music recommendations, explore the rest of Spencer’s picks for the 10 best albums of 2021.

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